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Chianina Division
LOT 1 - BPF Chi Maker 560A
calved 02.27.2013 | Chianina | Polled | 368090
Monopoly X FBF Ms Mail Me 055M

Every now and again a truly special individual
comes along that has the potential to be a breed changer. When lot 1 was born we knew the potential was there, and now that he has matured we are certain he will make an impact. This Monopoly son is out of our 055M Chi-Angus donor whom is one of the highest dollar generating cows owned by BPF. In terms of the impact this bull will make, he is TH and PHA FREE, and 19.85 percent Chi! Regardless what he is mated to his first generation calves will paper high enough percentage Chi to meet the national requirement. Phenotypically he has a killer look, and is the soundest footed, squarest hipped, boldest ribbed animal we have seen this fall! Genetic defect free, high percentage Chi, and absolutely built as good as you can make one on foot, this bull we are predicting will make a big impact so don’t miss your opportunity to get on board!
LOT 44 - BPF Mercedes 300A
calved 04.03.2013 | Chianina | Polled | 368090
Monopoly X DCC Mercedes 701P

The next 3 lots are all very special to us, sired by Monopoly and out of the famous 701P donor whom is Mercedes Benz’s dam plus I-80 and I-Believe’s grand dam, these three heifers are all exceptionally good for Chianina breeding females. The first of the 3 lot 44 is as unique of female as we have raised in quite some time. Extremely feminine and refined about her front end, huge bodied and as maternal in her rib as you can make one, this heifer screams female. On top of this, she is still stout made, sound, and hairy, hairy, hairy. If you are serious
about competing at the national level next summer and fall then this heifer is the one.
LOT 45 - BPF Mercedes 71A
calved 05.03.2013 | Chianina | Polled | 368091
Monopoly X DCC Mercedes 701P

Lot 45 is the younger of the two black heifers in this flush but she is really neat as well. Feminine fronted and maternal designed like her sisters, this heifer is big footed, big hipped and really square in her make-up. She has the design, hair and bone to compete at any level, then make a really neat breeding piece.
LOT 46 - BPF Mercedes 67A
calved 05.07.2013 | Chianina | Polled | 368092
Monopoly X DCC Mercedes 701P

The gorgeous red headed sister in the flush, lot 46 is attractive, sound, big bodied and complete. She is another one that is a little younger but when her day comes it’s going to come in a big way.
LOT 47 - BPF MS Elway 126A
calved 05.05.2013 | Chianina | Polled | 367889
Believe In Me X SLC Ms Elway 320S

We are really high on our Believe In Me females in both the heifer calf and bred division and its because of the quality of the cattle. Lot 47 is long necked, bold ribbed, big hipped, stout footed and hairy, hairy, hairy. If the bred heifers are any indication of what she will be like as a bred
then you will see more like this one around here in years to come. She is young and her better
days are ahead of her, but we think she has what
it takes to play at any level next summer and fall!
LOT 48 - BPF PCF Sassy 98A
calved 05.07.2013 | Chianina | Polled | Pending
BC Lookout 7024 X Sassy

Lot 48 is perhaps one of our favorite females in the sale from a genetic standpoint. Sired by the ever popular BC Lookout Angus bull, and out of a really good Who Made Who cow, this female just hits you as a maternal powerhouse. Extremely feminine and angular about her front end, big middled and super soft, this heifer is sound footed and agile as any. Couple this with the fact she meets the Chi breed percentage requirements and you truly have a great breeding piece.
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